TeX for the botanists and zoologists

Glorious desktop typography system TeX by D. Knuth gives to user a wide field to experiment. I made some useful macros (packages) for LaTeX2e which expand possibilities of working with various biological texts like checklists, outlines of classifications, bibliographies, herbarium labels, identificational keys etc. There are also packages for more general purposes.

All my CTAN packages

Download "shipunov" bundle -- ZIP-file (~ 2.1 Mb, Also on CTAN)

Download "xecyr" package -- ZIP-file (~ 200 kb, Also on CTAN)

Download "shipunov2" bundle -- ZIP-file (~ 400 kb)

Download "fontogroup" package -- ZIP-file (~ 8.9 Mb)

Download "dopsym-t1" package -- ZIP-file (~ 3.5 Mb)

Download "cmsm" package -- ZIP-file (~ 5.7 Mb)